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Studies on Land use of Paddy Field Area in Perlis, Malaysia

Competition on agricultural land use to meet the requirements of the physical development seen becoming more common or become important issues, especially in developed countries. This would affect the stability of national food security. In Malaysia, a change in the pattern of agricultural land use also affects the rice cultivation area especially in Kedah, average 5,000 hectares of paddy field has been change in the terms of uses of land from agriculture to other uses since 2000 until 2010 This can also directly affect the land administration system for paddy land where the inaccuracy of agricultural land registration information is under the agriculture agency involved in Malaysia which is Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA) and subsequently resulting in losses in the distribution of subsidies and fertilizers. Therefore, this study is conducted to classify, analyze and produce the demography data of paddy field area in Perlis. Through this research also, the classification of land use of paddy field area will be made to see the changes in land use patterns and land area of paddy fields. In fact, some factors that contribute to the phenomenon of change are identified. Then an analysis of land status and current land use were done by using Geographical Information Technology. Index Terms - Land Use; Land Title Certified; Paddy Field; GIS Analysis.