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Numerical Study on the Occurrence and Transport of Sulfonamides in Baiyangdian Lake

Sulfonamides, a kind of antibiotics, are frequently applied in pharmaceuticals and fish farming. Sulfonamides residues in the water have adverse impacts on ecosystem and human health. Understanding the sulfonamides occurrence and transport in the water environment is essential to provide a method to solving the concerning problem. Baiyangdian Lake is the largest freshwater lake in northern China, and studies have shown the presence of sulfonamides in the area due to the riverine inputs. In this study, a two-dimensional lattice Boltzmann model based on the shallow water equations and advection-diffusion equation was established to investigate the occurrence and transport of sulfonamides in the Baiyangdian Lake. The proposed model will provide a promising method for the simulation of the antibiotic occurrence and transport in the water. Keywords - Sulfonamide, Antibiotic, Numerical Simulations, Lattice Boltzmann Method, Baiyangdian Lake.