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Catalytic Reactions of Ethanol over Palladium Supported on Spherical Silica Particle (Pd/SSP) with Ceria Modification (Pd-CeO2/SSP)

Gas phase of ethanol reactions over palladium (Pd) supported on spherical silica particle (SSP) with ceria modification (Pd-CeO2/SSP) was investigated at temperature ranging from 150-350 °C under atmospheric pressure. 0.1 g catalyst was packed in fixed bed reactor. Initial feed as a mixer of 1.45 mL/h ethanol and mixing gases that contain 17.8 mL/min of N2 and 35.1 mL/min of air into the evaporator (heated to 120 °C) were applied. The catalysts were prepared by incipient wetness impregnation method for Pd/SSP and incipient wetness co-impregnation for Pd-CeO2/SSP. All catalysts were characterized by using various physical-chemical methods, such as SEM, XRD, N2 physisorption and NH3-TPD. Addition of O2 in reaction results in a direct conversion of ethanol into ethylene. With Pd/SSP and Pd-CeO2/SSP catalysts, it is possible to initiate selectivity of ethylene at low temperature of 175 and 200 °C. The properties and characteristics of catalysts were compared and discussed in this paper. Keywords - Dehydration, palladium, spherical silica particle, ceria modification.