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A Study on Treatment of Domestic Wastewater using Low Cost Treatment Process

Water is a basic need required for living creatures and human beings. In this world the amount of resources available to living creatures are limited about 75% of present world population lives in the developing countries of the world about 1.2 billion people still lack of safe drinking water and more than 6 millions children die from the diarrhea every year. And more than 75% of the total water supplied will reach the sewers; it means most of the water supplied will contribute the sewers. Many treatment methods are available, out of this, the treatment of the waste water using natural coagulants proves to be economical and the treatment will not involve in utilization of chemicals. The present study, the natural low cost Absorbent i.e Bengal Gram seeds are used for the treatment of Chikodi taluq domestic waste water. The positive coagulation activity is measured on the basis of analyzing the different parameters of treated water with waste water. Index terms- Coagulation, Bengal Gram Seeds, Domestic Waste Water, Low Cost Absorbents And Activated Carbon.