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Comparison of Hand Pressures between Anatomically Shaped and Traditional Handles

With the maturing of 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, hand tool design can be made by customizing the user's own size, palm surface, and other data. This study mainly applied the 3D surface scanners and algae impression technology to obtain 3D surface data that is complementary to the hand when it is held, and applied the 3D printers to print the tool handles. A series of operation experiments were conducted to collect the data of pressure of hand for evaluating the difference in physical load between new type and old type of handles. Eighteen adults were recruited according to the two genders and hand size combinations of hand length and hand width distribution. The results showed that the hand pressures of new type handles are lower than the averages during holding, which is consistent with the hypothesis of this study. However, once the operations, the pressure values are significantly raised. The reasons may be due to the operation of the tool, must continue turn the grip, and cannot let the user kept in close contact with the grip. The irregular shape also influenced the operation. Index Terms - 3D scan, 3D print, tool handle, hand pressure, customized handle.