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Effect of Seeds Inoculation with Trichoderma SP. on Initial Growth of Different Agricultural Crops

The aim of our investigation was to emphasize the plant growth promotion properties of Trichoderma sp. used as seed inoculants on different agricultural crops simply measuring seed germination and initial plant growth. From soil samples collected on the location of Fruška gora mountain (National park) two Trichoderma sp. isolates were cultivated. Spore for inoculum were collected after incubation period, from both isolates, and suspended in physiological solution (0.85% NaCl). Seven different plant species were chosen for seed inoculation: maize, sunflower, soybean, bean, pepper, melon, watermelon. For inoculation two spore concentrations were prepared: Concetrate – C, containing 105 spores of Trichoderma sp. isolates per ml, and recommended dose per ha – R, 3% solution of C. Control was with sterile distillated water (Ø). The parameters we measure were: - seed germination of all 7 plant species and initial plant growth on maize, sunflower and soybean. Inoculation with Trichoderma sp. increase the seed germinatin of watermelon for 3 times with concentrate solution and that was the best result. The germination of sunflower and maize on treated seed were lower than control, on bean seed was no effect of inoculation and in pepper and melon the germination was slightly increase. The root length was increased from 10, 6% on sunflower to 106, 3% on soybean roots. The shoot length was increased around 20% on all tree investigated plant species. The results of the research shown in this paper confirm that Trichoderma sp. can successfully be used in the production of maize, sunflower, soybean, bean, pepper, melon and watermelon. Keywords: Germination, plant growth, inoculation, Trichoderma sp.