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A Split-Face, Randomized, Double-Blind Clinical Trial on Eyebrow Lifting Efficiency by Different Dilutions of Abobotulinum Toxin Injection

Eyebrow is one of the important part of the facial appearance and eyebrow sagging is one of the aging sign. Because of the nature aging, the eyebrow become drop and most of those people desire to lift the eyebrow to become more youthful facial aesthetic. Among various methods of eyebrow lifting, Botulinum toxin injection for eyebrow lifting become popular because of its non -invasive method. However, there is the risk of ptosis when we inject to the orbicularis oculi muscle for eyebrow lifting so that intradermal injection around lateral part of orbicularis oculi muscle can theoretically solve this problem. Recent study show Intradermal Abobotulinum toxin injection was used for lifting of the eyebrow but we did not know exactlywhat is the most effective and safe dilution of Abobutilinum toxin. The objective of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy and duration of action of same unit of two different dilutions of Abobotulinum toxin injection in eyebrow lifting, a split face, randomized, double-blind clinical trial. Twenty male and female volunteers were enrolled according to inclusion and exclusion criteria.Different dilution of 0.42ml/30U(standard dilution) and 0.84 ml/30U(two fold dilution)of Abobotulinum toxin (Dysport®), which chose randomly were injected intradermal, six points separated at temporal area along the hair line. Increasing of the eyebrow high is measured by6" inch 150 mm Carbon Fiber Composite Vernier Digital Electronic Caliper Ruler; wrinkles, roughness, scaliness score were measured by Visiometer SV600; side effects and satisfaction score were noted by asking questionnaire. All volunteer did injection on day 0, followed up for day 14,30,60 and day 90. There were increased in percentage of brow high change from the base line 100.00±0.00, at distance between tail of the brow and lateral cantus: to 104.32 ±7.02 (day 90) in the standard dilution side and104.70 ±5.47 (day 90) in the two fold dilution side; at vertical distance between lower border of brow and lateral cantus: to 106.13 ±8.13 (day 90) in standard dilution side and 107.59±7.71 (day 90) in two fold dilution side; at distance between lower border of medial brow and pupil: to 107.11±6.83 (day 90) in standard dilution side and 108.686±10.16 (day90) in two fold dilution side.Conclusion: there were no significant differences in the compering of the percentage of brow high change in standard dilution side and two fold dilution side. There was no significant difference in the reduction of wrinkle between two different dilutions until day 14, but significantly different at day 30 and day 60 follow up. Therefore, two different dilutions of same Abobotulinum toxin units have the same therapeutic efficacies in eyebrow lifting by intradermal injection method although duration of wrinkle treatment can be last longer with two fold dilution. Keywords - Eyebrow Lifting, Abobotulinum Toxin, Different Dilution