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The Phenotypic Diversity of Javanese Civet (Paradoxurushermaphroditussp.,Pallas 1777) in East Java for the Basis Identification of Genetic Variations

In Indonesia, the civet is one of the animals known for processing the coffee beans in the digestive tract, so coffee has a distinctive aroma and makes it the most expensive coffee in the world. The phenotypic character is widely used as markers in both basic genetic programs as well as in practical breeding programs. Because, this marker more natural to observe and differentiate. Body measurement is the one of marker that useful also for determining the origin and phylogenetic relationships between different species. The character of hair color of Javanese civet has many kinds, like black gray, brownish, brown and white. The Javanese civet from Malang and Banyuwangi has the closest genetic distance (5.10), then Malang and Jember (8.93) and the farthest on genetic distance was Banyuwangi and Jember population (10.24). Based on body size, the canonical value that can be made the differentiation betweenthe populations of civet in East Java was head length, body length and length of hind legs in canonical 1, and body length and the head length was canonical 2. Keywords - Body size, genetic variation, Javanese civet, Paradoxurushermaphroditus, phenotypic