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An Automatic Laser Acupuncture System

The purpose in this research is to develop an automatic laser acupuncture system with the combination of machine vision, robotic arm, and a laser acupuncture instrument. After we selected several acupuncture points and marked it, the system would track the signs through the features and calculate the coordinates. The camera coordinates were converted into mechanical arm coordinates and transmitted to the robotic arm. According to the coordinates of the camera, the robotic arm could be positioned automatically after moving to the position of the acupuncture point. The robotic arm would be fixed and start the laser acupuncture treatment. With this system which we research and develop, users can choose acupuncture points and calibrate them. Doctors can use laser acupuncture with this system to relieve their fatigue caused by repeated acupuncture patients. It makes the doctors to focus more on the patient's treatment, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of acupuncture treatment. Index Terms— Laser acupuncture, Automatic, Machine vision, Robotic arm.