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Analysis of GHG Emission Reduction in Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) Facility

The Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) which technology that captures and utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2) from point sources such as power plants has been analyzed as the most cost-effective method for reducing GHG emissions among Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) technologies. In this study, we propose a methodology of estimating GHG emission reductions by CCU facility. Basically, it is necessary to apply a conservative approach. Therefore, only CO2 that is captured purely is considered though leakage calculation. According to the proposed me thodology, 13,725 tCO2-eq can be reduced annually in the CCU facility of 2MW - capacity. As the capacity of CCU facility is increased, the impact of GHG emission reduction will be significant. The present analysis has calculated the GHG emission reductions during the 4-hour normal operation period of the CCU facility. However, if the emission reduction is estimated through continuous operation for more than 100 hours in the future, it is expected that the amount of GHG emission reduction for reliable CCU facility can be analyzed. Index Terms - CCU, GHG emission reduction, methodogy