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Connected Plants - Watering system

Nowadays people prefer having potted plants in their home. The plants have to be watered on a regular basis, knowing the current lifestyle we have this may not always be feasible since we may not be present indoors always. Smart water system focuses on the city life where one might like to have potted plants at home but would find it difficult to maintain them. We can use a virtual assistant to let us know the status of our system or water them with a command. The system will take care of all the potted plants connected to the system. Each plant will have a little unit with its own sensors connected to the main unit. There is also a provision to obtain information about the water level in the tank. We can have a local water tank for the plant or a centralized one. With a smart assistant available on various platforms we can simply talk to it and get information about the status of the plants rather than interacting with a complex interface. Keywords - Smart plant watering home device; Virtual Assistant; Raspberry Pi; Internet of Things (IoT)