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An Improvement of Air Ventilation System in Health Enhancement Food Factory

This research work studies and improves air ventilation system in a health enhancement food factoryat cooking area. Intrinsically, there is an issue about excessive thermal level in the workplace. According to the monitoring result of the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), it is found that the thermal load was beyond the safety standard. This may cause health problem for employees due to unsuitable temperature on working condition. The objectives of this research work are to study the air ventilation system and to improve the WBGT in the workplace. According to the law of safety, the temperature, humidity and air velocity were incorporated. The cooking area is usually a source of heat and humidity. The former can be observed from heat leakage from the cooking vessels even with insulation. Meanwhile, the latter is from the boiling water in the cooking vessels. Originally, the workplace was at the maximum temperature of 37.80 C and the humidity of 58.40% RH. These result in the WBGT of 32.48C, that beyond the safety standard. Therefore, the air ventilation system has been improved by balancing the flow of air. By the improvement, the WBGT was lowered down to 29.51C in accordance with the legal standard. Keywords - Food; humidity; safety; temperature; ventilation