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Synthesis Of Iron Oxide Nano Particles In Batch Reactor, Semibatch Reactor And Microreactor: A Comparative Study

The novel material driven demand for sustained growth of industry focused research in the field of nanotechnology. Nano particles exhibit unusual physical and chemical properties which are size and shape dependant. Iron nanoparticles have found numerous applications in drug delivery, pharmaceutical industry, medical diagnosis and waste water treatment. Conventionally batch and semibatch methodology was used for synthesis of the nano particles which results in large size with wide size distribution of nanoparticles due to lack of precise control on nano particle formation process. The microreactor is a new concept which is very small-scale system capable of continuous synthesis of narrow size of nano particles. Objective of the investigation was to study the effect of reactor type and precursor concentration on nanoparticles size. Particles size distribution, Zeta Potential and FESEM analysis was carried out to understand the effect of variables