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Creation of Detoxification System based on a Renewable Nanostructured Material for Elimination of Endotoxin

This paper presents the results of studies on the practical application of a renewable carbonized material based on rice husk (CRH), which is the agricultural and food waste. Particular attention is paid to the prospect of using this material to create selective and inexpensive systems for adsorption and removal of endotoxins (LPS-lipopolysaccharide) from blood plasma. Mainly, the paper focuses on the development of a technique of elimination of endotoxin toxic shock - LPS of bacterial origin on the base of determining sorption characteristics of this endotoxin from protein solutions. In the course of these studies, the sorption capacity of CRH and selectivity for the elimination of LPS in the presence of various proteins are determined, and the effect of column conditions on the efficiency of LPS elimination by CRH are evaluated. Indexterms - Endotoxin, Elimination, Detoxification, Nanostructured material, Carbonized sorbent.