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Shadow Detection and Geo-Tagged Image Information based Strategic Infrastructure Characterization

Exploring the significance of geo-tagged information of a satellite image and associated shadow information in the image to enable man-made infrastructure dimensional characterization, in this paper a novel approach has been developed to estimate the height of a man-made structure accurately. Our proposed method applies shadow detection and shadow feature along with geo-tagged information retrieved through Google Earth tools, to estimate the structural dimension of the man-made infrastructure. To characterize the dimensional features of the man-made structure, we have considered Google Earth satellite images with precise and crisp edge as well as shadow length information, which have been obtained using freely available Google Earth information retrieval tool. Applying our proposed mathematical formulation, the height of man-made structures as well as neighbouring structures have been estimated which can be used for certain strategic decision purposes. The proposed method can be applicable for professionals exploring dimensional characterization of relatively low height constructions as well as defence purposes. Our proposed model has outperformed majority of existing approaches, particularly in terms of accuracy of height estimation of man-made structures. Keywords - Shadow Information; Satellite image; Height Estimation; Dimensional Characterization; Geo-tagged information