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Experimental Study on Flooding Limitation in Vapour-Vapour-Liquid Three Phase Direct Contact Condenser

Experiments to study the limitation of flooding inception in vapour-vapour-liquid three-phase direct contact condenser have been carried out in a counter-current small diameter vertical condenser. The total column height and diameter were 70 cm and 4 cm, respectively. Only 48 cm has been used as an active three-phase direct contact condenser height. Vapour pentane with three different initial temperatures (40, 43.5, and 47.5 oC) and water with a constant temperature (19 oC) have been used as a dispersed phase and a continuous phase, respectively. Five different continuous phase mass flow rates and four different dispersed phase mass flow rates have been tested throughout the experiments. Dimensionless correlation based on the previous common flooding correlation is proposed to calculate the up-flow flooding inception of the three-phase direct contact condenser Keywords - Three-Phase direct contact Heat Exchanger, Three-Phase Condenser, Flooding Phenomena