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Simulation of Landfill Gas Production Rate and Methane Concentration: Modelling and Verification through Field Measurements

Landfill Gas (LFG) is mainly consists on methane () and carbon dioxide (CO2). CH4 concentrations is important for the estimation of the potential for electric energy production form LFG. Most of the models used to estimate the LFG production rate and CH4 the content of LFG do not take into account the reduction of concentration with time, as a result of air diffusion into the landfill, especially during the last phase of methanogenesis and during maturation phase of landfilling. The present study proposes modifications to the EPA’s Landgem model for the simulation of the aforementioned parameters. Onsite measurements in Fodele landfill, Heraklion, Greece indicated that the model simulation results are close the measured values. Thus the modified Landgem model may be used to estimate the potential for electric energy production from landfills. Keywords - landfill, biogas, Waste to Energy, Landgem, LFG, methane

Author - I. Palogos, I. Chourdakis, K. Tsafantakis, P. Gikas

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| Published on 2017-11-23
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