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Yield and Antioxidant of Simplicia from Peperomia Pellucida using Drum Dryer, Tray Dryer, and Solar Dryer Drying Method

Peperomia pellucida is very famous as ethnomedical that has a lot of functionality because has a lot of bioactive compounds. To make a simplicia, Peperomia pellucida need to be dried. Several drying method have been developed recently with some advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we need a suitable drying method for Peperomia pellucida as simplicia.Tray dryer method give the highest result on yield and antioxidant activities of dried Peperomia pellucida. Keywords: Yield, Antioxidant, Peperomia pellucida, Simplicia, Drum dryer, Tray dryer, Solar dryer

Author - Siti Irma Rahmawati, Endrianur Rahman Zein, Mardiah, Elisa Listanti, Raden Siti Nurlaela

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| Published on 2017-11-22
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