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Removal of Malachıte Green from Aqueous Solutıon by Magnetıc Nano-Adsorbent

Theaim of thisstudy is investigate to the equilibrium and kinetics of adsorption of malachitegreendye. Iminodiaceticacid (IDA) wasattached on them agneticallyresponsiveepoxy-magneticsupport. Theadsorptioncapacity of malachitegreen (MG) on IDA attachedmagneticnanoparticles (SCMPs-IDA) wasstudied. During the studies, variousessentialfactorsinfluencingtheadsorption, likeadsorbateconcentration, contact time and dosage have bee nmonitored. Theeffect of pHvalue of solution on adsorptioncapacitywasalsoinvestigated. Theequilibriumwasachievedwithin 120 min for the MG at pH 3.5, andthemaximumsorptioncapacitycalculatedbyapplyingtheLangmuirequationtodyeadsorptionisothermwas 26.32 mg/g (C0 = 50-250 mg/L) forthe MG at pH 3.5, 30 °C. Theeffect of initialdyeconcentration on thedynamicalbehaviors of theadsorptionwasmeasured. Todeterminetheadsorptionrates, thenonlinearfirst-orderandsecond-ordermodelswereused. Thesecond-orderkinetic model fitswellwiththedynamicaladsorptionbehavior of the MG. Thenanoparticlesfortheadsorption of thedyewereregeneratedefficientlythroughthe alkaline solutionandwerethenreused 10 timesfordyeremoval. Keywords: Magnetic adsorbent, malachitegreen, Adsorptionkinetics, Adsorptionisotherms

Author - Servet Tural, Erdal Ertas, Bilsen Tural

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| Published on 2017-10-21
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