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Study on the Treatment of Desulfurization Waste water using Ferrate (VI) Solution

Wet scrubber is most widely used technology because it achieves SOx removal efficiency of greater than 90%, compared to dry scrubbers at 80%.The SOx and NOx gases removed from the wet scrubber are converted into Sulphur- Nitrogen compounds (N-S COD) and dithionate (S2O6 2-) in the wastewater, which are hard to remove by conventional wastewater treatment technology. Most of power plant has very complex treatment processes with high cost and long treatment time. There are various technologies to remove non-biodegradable compounds.Wastewater treatment using ferrate(Ⅵ) solution is becoming a promising technology for several years, because it is high efficient and harmless technology.In this study, the ferrate (Ⅵ) solution was tested to treatment of desulfurization wastewater.In the test with 0.1% of ferrate(Ⅵ) solution, about 65% of COD was removed in 25 min of treatment time. In the case of T-N, about 50% of T-N was removed in the condition of 1.0% of injection rate. The removal efficiency of COD and T-N also affected by reaction time, the optimal reaction time was 30 min. Keywords: Ferrate(Ⅵ), COD Removal, T-N Removal, Wastewater Treatment, Desulfurization Wastewater

Author - Eun-Young Jo, Younghee Kim, Chan-Gyu Park

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| Published on 2017-09-12
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