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Crack Classification of Steel Fibre RC Beams with the aids of Acoustic Emission Technique

Active crack due to load in steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) beam is needed to be classified. Aim of present study is to investigate the crack modes of the SFRC beams based on average frequency – RA value of acoustic emission (AE) signal and visual observation. The SFRC beam was tested under three point loading until failure in conjunction with AE monitoring. The average frequency – RA value was used to classify the crack of the SFRC beam for two channels of CH6 and CH8. From the visual observation, four crack modes were identified namely nucleation of crack (M1), first crack (M2), flexural crack localized (M3) and shear crack localized (M4). It can be deduced that the average frequency – RA value can be used to predict future formation of crack in the SFRC beam. The relationship showed promising results corresponding to the development of active crack in the SFRC beam as the load increased. Index Terms- steel fibre reinforced concrete, average frequency – RA value, acoustic emission, crack classification.

Author - Soffian Noor M.S., Noorsuhada M.N., Abdul Hakeem Z., Noor Syafeekha M.S., Azmi I

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| Published on 2017-09-11
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