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Dermatoglyphics and its Relation with Various Dental Diseases

Background:Role of host genes in the etiopathogenesis of dental(periodontal) diseases have been useful in developing screening tools for identifying patients who are likely to develop disease. Although periodontal diseases have multifactorial etiology, their genetic determinants that exist could be suggestive of specific dermatoglyphic patterns for periodontitis. Hence, the present study was attempted to find if there are any specific fingerprint patterns in dental(periodontal) diseases. Aim:To compare the fingerprint patterns in generalized chronic periodontitis and generalized chronic gingivitis patients.Materials and method:Among of 500 subjects, 275 subjects with generalized chronic periodontitis and 225 subjects with generalized chronic gingivitis were included. Fingerprint patterns were recorded by using blue ink. Fingerprint patterns were analysed manually with illuminated 6X high powered magnifying glass. Obtained data were subjected to statistical analysis.Results:An increased frequency of radial loop pattern (40%) were found in generalized chronic gingivitis subject, whereas in generalized chronic periodontitis subject showed higher frequency of ulnar loop (36.36%) and central pocket whorl pattern (35.27%).Conclusion: Dermatoglyphics could be used together with the other diagnostic aids for prediction of periodontal diseases.

Author - Matangi Thaker, Dhananjay Dodiya

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| Published on 2017-08-29
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