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Effect of Calcination Temperature of Mnxoy/Γ-Al2O3catalyst on Ozone Decomposition

This study investigated the oxidation state, MnO2 phase and ozone decomposition performance of manganese oxide catalysts prepared by changing the calcination temperature in the range of 300-900oC.The manganese oxide was supported on ceramic foam, and instrumental techniques such as X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and surface area analysis were used to characterize the prepared catalysts. The experimental results showed that the chemical nature of MnxOy changed from γ-MnO2 to β-MnO2phasewith increasing the calcinations temperature. The ozone decomposition efficiency was the highest when the catalyst was calcined at 500oC, and the optimum space velocity was found to be about 17500 hr-1.At this temperature of 500oC, β-MnO2coexisted with Mn2O3. Indexterms- Manganese oxide,Crystal structure, Ozone, XRD.

Author - Jin-Oh Jo, Sang Baek Lee, Young Sun Mok

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| Published on 2017-08-29
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