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Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides in a Plasma-Coupled Catalytic Reactor With a Hydrocarbon Reductant

The reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in a plasma-coupled hydrocarbon selective catalytic reduction (HC-SCR) process was investigated with n-heptane as a reducing agent. Experimental results showed that the plasma/HC-SCR combined process achieved higher NOx conversion efficiency under the same conditions than the HC-SCR-alone process, exhibiting better catalytic activities for the NOxreduction at higher discharge voltages. In the plasma-coupled HC-SCR process, the improvement in theNOxconversion efficiency is interpreted not only by the plasma-induced oxidation of NO to more reactive NO2but also by the decomposition of n-heptane into partially oxidized hydrocarbons such as aldehydes that are more effective reducing agents. Indexterms- Plasma, Nitrogen oxides, Heptane, Aldehyde

Author - Jin-Oh Jo, Young Sun Mok

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| Published on 2017-08-29
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