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The study of Health Care Behavior of the Elderly People in TRAT Municipality

This research was aimed to study the health care behavior of the elderly people and to study the level of their health knowledge. The population of this research were from 2,593 elderly people in Trat municipality, by using random samples as the method from Taro Yamane formula to find the population ratio with 0.95 level of significance, then the sample group were 345 elderly people. The data was compiled using the questionnaire with 4 parts; part 1 – general information, part 2 – health care behavior of the elderly people, part 3 – level of health knowledge of the elderly people and part 4 – suggestions. The statistics for data analysis were percentage, mean and standard deviation. As to the research result, most of elderly people were female, 228 or 66.08%. Most of their educational attainment was primary school degree, 274 or 79.42%. Most of their marital status was married, 312 or 90.43%. And most of their occupation was agriculturist, 257 or 74.49%. The health care behavior of the elderly people was in the moderate level (x ˉ = 3.14, S.D. = 0.712) and the level of their health knowledge was in the moderate level (x ˉ = 3.41, S.D. = 0.764) as the research which would be used for planning and defining guideline of the activity and promotion improvement for the elderly people afterwards. Keywords- Health Behavior, Health Care, Elderly People.

Author - Jirawat Sudsawart, Kullaphat Pochanakul, Kwanjai Ritkumrop

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| Published on 2017-07-08
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