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Volume-8,Issue-4  ( Oct, 2020 )
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The Effort to Re-Implement Community Led Total Sanitation System : Evaluation in Sujung Village, Banten

Community Led Total Sanitation System (CLTS) is the approach to society for hygiene and sanitation behavior change through triggering. However the implementation of CLTS experienced some constraints as happened in the village of Sujung, Banten. Local culture embeds behaviour to cleanse and defecate in the irrigation canal as a means to socialize. Early childhood intervention and access to microcredit may be the solution to improve sanitation condition. Keywords- CLTS, Evaluation, Sanitation, Society, Sujung.

Author - Cindy Rianti Priadi, Paraginta Basaria, M. Irpan Sejati, Amtinah Fathul Latifah, Olivinia Qonita Putri

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| Published on 2017-06-02
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