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Focused Microwave Thermotherapy in Musculoskeletal Disease; A Simulation Study

We aimed to investigate about the feasibility of focused microwave thermotherapy in musculoskeletal disorders. The simulation test using electrical phantom model of musculoskeletal system was performed. The electrical pathologic phantom model was developed using electrical property data of musculoskeletal tissues. Simulation of microwave focusing and investigation about the focal thermal increase in the target area were performed on the model. The power absorption density was used to analyze focused thermal increase at the target area. In results, the temperature was increased to 43oC at the pathologic target area, and it took 2 minutes. In conclusion, we had found the possibility of application of the focused microwave thermal therapy in musculoskeletal disorders. In future, the focused microwave therapy might be one of the noninvasive treatment tool in musculoskeletal disease such as osteoarthritis or tendinitis. Keywords- microwave, focusing, thermotherapy, musculoskeletal

Author - Seong Yun Chung, Seok Kang, Hyuk Choi, Hu Geun Yoon, Joon Shik Yoon

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| Published on 2017-05-08
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