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Diabetes Mellitus (Madhumeho) in Thai Traditional Medicine Theory

This qualitative research aimed to gather information regarding diabetes from a source of primary data, the Royal Book of Medicine, and to obtain expert opinions on the treatment of the disease. Indicated that the genesis of Madhumeho or diabetes was abnormal samha Pitta malfunction. According to the experts, treatment involved a careful analysis of the genesis of samha and Pitta disorders as well as scrupulous consideration of therapeutic approaches to be taken simultaneously, including the consumption of foods suitable and sufficient for one’s elements, the intake of the right amount of liquid to reduce thirst, regular exercise, and adequate sleep; the prescription of bitter, neutral, spicy, or fragrant foods and of bitter, intoxicating, spicy, or hot medicines; and the administration of massage, steam, or compression treatment. The present study reveals that expected that the findings can help to build on future research and application in clinical medicine. Keywords- Diabetes Mellitus, Madhumeho, Thai Traditional Medicine

Author - Saengsit Kritsadee

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| Published on 2017-02-28
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