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Studying The Effect Of Instruction Of Patient’s Bill Of Rights To Nurses On Satisfaction And Reduction Of Anxiety In Patients Hospitalized In Amir Oncology Hospital Of Shiraz In 2016

Introduction: considering patient’s bill of rights by nurses and caregivers causes rapid improvement of the relationship between the patient and health & treatment personnel and it can be effective on satisfaction and reduction of anxiety of patients. Objective: determining the effect of instruction of patient’s bill of rights to nurses on satisfaction and reduction of anxiety in patients hospitalized in Amir oncologic hospital of Shiraz in 2016 Method: this is an interventional study. Statistical population is all nurses who are working in Amir oncologic hospital of Shiraz. 24 subjects were determined by the formula but concerning the missing of research subjects, 30 persons were estimated (15 persons in each group). Nurses were chosen randomly and convenience sampling was used for patients (one nurse for three patients). Data were analyzed by SPSS version 21 using variance analysis. Results: no significant difference was found between mean stress of both groups before intervention (p= 0.67) while a significant difference was observed between two groups (p<0.001) after intervention. In present study, stress of patients was between average and high. No statistically significant difference was observed between mean satisfaction of patients in both groups (p=0.69) before intervention whereas a statistically significant difference was found between both groups after intervention (p<0.001). In this study, satisfaction of patients from nursing services was weak. Conclusion: after education and implementation of the educational contents, (by nurses), patients’ stress reduced, and their satisfaction increased. Keywords- Education Of Patient’s Bill Of Rights, Patient Satisfaction, Anxiety

Author - Mahere Habibi, Karim Zare, Shaghayegh Vahdat

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| Published on 2016-08-23
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