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Determining The Relationship Between Work Experience And Leadership Styles Among Nurse Managers In Therapeutic-Educational Centers And Hospitals Affiliated To Medical Science (Case Study – Behbahan University Of Medical Science)

Introduction and objective: today, different leadership styles are determinants of efficiency and effectiveness of the personnel in different wards and conditions. Improvement program of nurse managers make a feeling of commitment in nurses in addition to improvement of their work quality resulting in trust on nursing management. The present study aims to determine the relationship between work experience and leadership styles among nurse managers in therapeutic-educational centers and hospitals affiliated to medical science faculty of Behbahan. Methodology: it is a descriptive and sectional study. The statistical community includes all nurse managers such as manager of nursing services, assistant of nursing services, clinical supervisors, head nurses and all nursing personnel such as nurses and licensed practical nurse (79 persons). In order to gather data, the standard questionnaire of leadership studies center titled as situation leadership style questionnaire (Hersey-Blanchard) has been used and it consists of three organizational situations and four managerial styles. Data were analyzed by correlation coefficient tests, variance analysis of Mann- Whitney and SPSS in 5% significance level. Results: evidences suggest significance of work experience and directive leadership style of nurse managers in therapeuticeducational centers and hospitals affiliated to medical science faculty of Behbahan. The type of relationship between work experience and leadership style is as follows: there is a negative relationship between work experience and directive leadership style but there is a positive relationship between work experience and reasoning leadership style, between work experience and participative leadership style and between work experience and delegating leadership style (P< 0.05. Conclusion: concerning that scores of dimensions of leadership style of most nurse managers were average, essential actions taken for promotion of leadership style via educational management periods will be advantageous. Keywords- Leadership Style, Nurse Managers, Work Experiences Of Nurse Managers

Author - Azadeh Hafezi, Shaghayegh Vahdat, Somayeh Hessam

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| Published on 2016-08-20
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