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Simultaneous Analysis Of Taurine And Histamine In Fishes Samples

This study investigated the taurine and histamine content of some fishes that sold in Thailand. Quantitative analysis of taurine and histamine were studied by high-performance liquid chromatography using fluorescence detection (HPLC-FLD) and derivatization with pre-column o-phthalaldehyde (OPA). The method of the analysis was validated. The correlation coefficients (R2 ) of taurine and histamine were 0.9975 and 0.9980 respectively. Limits of detection were 0.001 mg L-1 for taurine and 0.03 mg L-1 for histamine. Limits of quantitation were 0.005 mg L-1 for taurine and 0.05 mg L-1 for histamine. The method was showed high sensitivity, selective and rapid for the determination of taurine and histamine. The method was applied to quantity of taurine and histamine in fish samples. Taurine in Thai fishes were found in the range of 490.81-2,180.88 mg kg-1 , and the highest level of taurine were found in Barramundi Giant Seaperch. Histamine in Thai fishes were found in the range of 7.41-19.07 mg kg-1 , and the highest level of histamine were found in Red Mullet. This work proved that both taurine and histamine could be separated and detected in the same time, so this modified method also used to analyse taurine and histamine in fishes samples. Keywords— Taurine, Histamine, high-performance liquid chromatography, seafish, freshwater fish.

Author - Kanjana Klongnganchui, Pornpimol Muangthai

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| Published on 2016-08-17
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