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The Impact Of Malaria Infection On Construction And Labour Migrant People In Punagam Surat, India

Construction workers and Nomad’s people are vulnerable to various health hazards. Those people often settle on lands unfit for settlement and hence they are extremely susceptible to malaria and other vector borne diseases. Construction workers and Nomad’s people are to elicit the socio-economic problem so they are migrate one place to another place and so they are phase to many infectious disease. The aim of the study was to review that the during June 2013 to December-2015 many construction and Nomad’s people visited at PHC with fever or history of fever, we find 167 people infectious with both Plasmodium spp. (P.vivax, and P.falciparum), out of 29.3% (49) construction people infected with Plasmodium spp. and 70.7% (118) Nomad’s people infected with Plasmodium spp. 36.5% (61) of 167 are female and 63.5% (106) Male are infected of malaria parasite. 34.1 %( 57) people suffering from Mix infection of malaria parasite, 44.9 %( 75) people suffering from P.falciparum parasite and 21.0 %( 35) people infected with P.vivax parasite. The level of infection expressed as parasite density by estimating alternative method in thick blood film according gradation ( 1+, 2+, 3+, and 4+) 77.24% (129) , 13.77% ( 23), 3.59% (6) and 5.38% (9). The data was analyzed by SPSS 17, worker age and their history of fever or fever duration time and parasite density. Age of worker f value is 2.31 and their significance value is 0.102 and fever duration time f value is 0.542 and their significance value is 0.582. This value indicated relation with fever duration comes during malaria infection. Over all study indicated that the P.falciparum spp. is most common infected in both migrant worker than P.vivax, also Nomad’s people is highly infected then construction people so they are play the role of transmission of vector borne diseases. The levels of infection expressed as low parasite density observe in migrant worker. Keywords— Construction Workers, Migrate Worker, Parasite Density, Malaria, Analysis.

Author - Gamit,M., Trivedi,R.

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| Published on 2016-07-18
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