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Design, Synthesis And Biological Evolution Of Trimethoxyphenyl Cinnamide Derivatives As Anti-Cancer Agents

A series of Phenyl cinnamide derivatives, aminocinnamides (5a-h), N-phenyl ureido benzenecinnamides(PUB- CAs)(6a-h) and phenyl 4-(2-oxoimidazolidin-1-yl)benzenecinnamides derivatives(PIB-CAs) (7a-g)were synthesized and evaluated for their cytotoxicity against selected human cancer cell lines. Conjugate5a displayed potent cytotoxicity with GI50 values of 99 nM against HeLa human cervical cancer cell line which is comparable to the standard 3-methoxy Phenyl cinnamide(1). Molecular docking studies revealed that these conjugate interact and bind more efficiently at colchicine binding site of tubulin. Keywords— Phenyl cinnamide, 2-Chloroethyl urea , Cytotoxicity, Molecular docking.

Author - Bajee Shaik, Jeevak Sopanrao Kapure, Ahmed Kamal

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| Published on 2016-07-18
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