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Evaluation Of Performance Characteristics Of Ethylene-Co-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) As An Effective Geomemberane Liner For Landfill Design

The performance characteristics of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is studied and its use as an effective Geomembranes liner in containment systems is investigated. Melt mixing and film casting of various blends containing only EVA and of blends containing both HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and EVA (Ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) were performed to synthesize the geomembrane. The effects of adding HDPE to EVA is identified by various physical, chemical and mechanical tests such as Tensile, tear, TGA, UV/IR, etc. A comparison between the properties of blends containing only EVA and of blends containing EVA and HDPE were conducted. From the results obtained for tear strength, tensile strength, it was observed that the specimen containing EVA and Nano clay (NC) showed optimum values, which indicated that the addition of filler material resulted in an increase in the tensile and tear strength of the film upto 9% wt. The thermal properties of EVA/HDPE blends showed an increase in the thermal degradation with the addition of HDPE. The chemical properties of the polymer film were analyzed by means of UV/IR tests. All the specimens containing blends of HDPE and EVA showed similar behavior. The FTIR spectra indicated the presence of alkenes group, -C=H stretching at bands in the range of 2841- 2845 cm-1 . Keywords— Ethylene-co-Vinyl Acetate, High Density Poly Ethylene, Mechanical Properties, Geomembrane.

Author - Parvathi Krishnan, Priya Dasan, Bhaskar Das

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| Published on 2016-07-16
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