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Effect Of Tellurium Addition On Thermo-Mechanical Characterization And Shape Memory Properties For Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloys

This paper aims to study the effect of Trillium on Thermo -Mechanical characterization by add Te with three different weight percentages (0.3%, 1%, 3%) to a Cu-14%Al-4.5%Ni Shape Memory Alloy which prepared by casting method in vacuum induction furnace. Many tests and inspections such as optical and SEM examinations , DSC Measurement ,XRD inspection , compression and Vickers hardness tests were investigated. The results showed that there is an increase in the transformation temperatures, shape memory limits and anincrease hardness and decrease in Young Modulus Also it was found that at0.3%wt Te gave better SME properties and Mechanical properties Due to the formation of both Austenite phases and martensitic phase and Te particles distribution in martensite matrix of SMA. Keywords- Shape Memory Alloys. Thermo- Mechanical Properties, Shape memory effect ,

Author - Munakhethier Abbass, Munther Mohamed Radhy, Raadsuhail Ahmed Adnan

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| Published on 2016-06-14
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