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Study Of Future Scope Of Use Of Non-Edible Vegetable Oil As Bio-Diesel In Diesel Engines In India

In present days of fuel crisis and rising price of conventional fuels, it becomes extremely important to search for an alternative one. As the days are passing away the demand is increasing enormously. However, country is not fully sufficient to meet its present day’s fuel demand. A large amount of fuel used in our country is being imported. So this constitutes a major loss of foreign exchange. Another important thing is that the burning of fossil fuels is polluting the environment considerably. The exhaust pollutions from the engines are crossing safety limits. All these aspects have forced a search for an alternative fuel which is abundantly available in India. There are several possible alternative sources of fuels, namely, vegetable oils, alcohols, natural gases, hydrogen gas, biogas, producer gas etc. Among them vegetable oils present a very promising alternative to diesel oil, since they are renewable. Since the vegetable oils are not available surplus in India, this is the high time for the researcher to go for non-edible vegetable oils which grow with less moisture, care and maintenance. This paper deals with a critical review of use some non –edible vegetable oils and their related technologies. It has been finally discussed that which will be selected non-edible vegetable oil in near future. Keywords— Biofuels, Biodiesel, Non-edible vegetable oil.

Author - S.K.Awasthi, L.P. Singh

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| Published on 2016-06-13
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