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The Application Of Models To The Micrornas Mediated Viral Oncogenesis

Micro RNAs are a recently discovered class of small non coding functional RNAs. These molecules mediate posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression in a sequence specific manner. Micro RNAs are now known to be key players in a variety of biological processes and have been shown to be deregulated in a number of cancers. The discovery of viral encoded micro RNAs, especially from a family of oncogenic viruses, has attracted immense attention towards the possibility of micro RNAs as critical modulators of viral oncogenesis. The host-virus crosstalk mediated by micro RNAs, messenger RNAs and proteins, is complex and involves the different cellular regulatory layers. In this commentary, we describe models of microRNA mediated viral oncogenesis

Author - Sathishkumar.K, Prabakar.P, John.M

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| Published on 2016-05-16
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