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Synthesis Of Carbon Nanosturctures (CNS) Using Domestic Microwave Oven

Carbon nanostructures (CNS) are synthesized from catalytic decomposition of polyethylene via domestic microwave oven of 600 W at 2.45 GHz. The CNSgrow on the coated silicon dioxide. The obtained CNS was analyzed using Ram spectroscopy with carbon quality of 0.97 indicating good graphitic nature. Further analyzed with Field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) showsa flower-like structure of CNS. The diameter distribution gives the highlight on theparticle sizes of the CNS in a range 6-10±0.17 nm. The EDX analysis shows the elementary composition in the CNS with about 71.05% carbon purity. In this work, we demonstrated a way of synthesizing CNS which is economical and fast by utilizing microwave energy. Keyword- Carbon nanostructures, FESEM, Microwave oven, Raman.

Author - Kure Nicodemus, Nizar Mohd Hamidon, Mamat Nizar Shuhazlly, Isah Mohd Maryam, Yusoff Mohamed Hamdan, Intan Helina Hasan

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| Published on 2016-04-05
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