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A Review On Optimization Of Process Parameters For Material Removal Rate And Surface Roughness In End Milling Of Stir Cast Al 2024-Sicp Metal Matrix Composite

The quality of the surface finish of the machined job is one of the most important product quality characteristics. In the present study the Taguchi methodology has been used for modelling and optimization of surface roughness in end milling of aluminium silicon carbide composite plates (Al2024-SiCp) using carbide end mills. Four machining parameters, the spindle speed, the feed rate, the depth of cut and number of flutes were used in the experiment. The average surface roughness (Ra) was chosen as a measure of surface quality. Using Taguchi method for design of experiment (DOE), other significant effects such as the interaction among milling parameters are also investigated. The application of the methodology is demonstrated through an experimental study in which end milling of aluminum metal matrix composite is carried on CNC Vertical milling machine. Keywords— Stir casting, End milling, Surface roughness (Ra), Taguchi optimization technique.

Author - Atul Kumar, Sudhir Kumar, Rohit Garg

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| Published on 2016-03-29
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