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Experimental And Thermodynamic Studies Applied To The Ga-M (M = Mo, Nb, Cr) Binary Alloys

We used three calorimetric methods: direct reaction, progressive precipitation and indirect mixing calorimetry. We obtained the enthalpies of formation of eight compounds: Ga3Mo, Ga5Mo, GaNb3, Ga5Nb4, Ga3Nb,  -GaCr3,  -GaCr3 and Ga4Cr. Those data permits to improve thermodynamic models and understand the behaviours of GaAs semiconductor towards the three transition metals molybdenum, niobium and chromium. Index Terms- Calorimetry, gallium alloys, semiconductor, enthalpy of formation, binary compounds.

Author - A. Belgacem-Bouzida, Y. Djaballah, R. Benhafid

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| Published on 2016-01-07
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