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Renewable Policy Lessons For India

An ever increasing consumption of non-renewable sources of energy has resulted in a need to reset preferences and resort to use of renewable sources. This in turn requires innovative strategies to promote development of renewable energy. While a wide array of policy instruments exist pertaining to renewable usage, German and Chinese policy implementations are considered most effective due to increased installed capacity, employment generated and innovation fostered. India needs to identify its untapped renewable potential and hence forms the centre of this study. The purpose of the study is to effectively analyse the German and Chinese policy instruments, while drawing insights for the Indian context. German success was primarily due to its Feed-in-Tariffs’ (FITs) implementation along with ecological taxation and high investments in the sector. The Chinese case however utilized an effective mixture of policy instruments such as FITs and subsidies. India already has many such policy instruments in place, however needs to learn lessons in terms of implementation. India needs to learn from the German commitment and Chinese effectiveness. Further, a strong adherence needs to be shown by the government towards renewable obligations. Keywords- India, Renewable Energy, Policy Instruments

Author - Sachit Tandon, Saurav Bhagat

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| Published on 2016-01-05
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