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Study On The Α-Amylase Producing Activity Of Isolated Extreme Bacteria

Bacteria (12 strains) were isolated from hot springs soil sample located at Yae Nwaye village and Taung Lay Lone village in Southern Shan state, Myanmar. The temperature of these hot springs is 55ºC in winter. The isolation was done by direct plating method with 10 fold serial dilution. The amylolytic activities of the isolates were screened by streaking on starch agar and then flooding with Gram Iodine solution after 48 hrs incubation. Among twelve strains, four bacterial strains (S6, T1, T2, and T3) were selected according to the clear zones of starch hydrolysis. Then, α- amylase activities of the selected strains were also screened by using four types of starch such as bacteriological starch, corn starch, rice starch and potato starch. In various starch media, these four strains also showed the amylolytic activity. Microscopic morphologies, cultural characteristics and biochemical characterization of selected strains were also determined. The antibiotic sensitivity patterns of the selected strains were study by disc diffusion method. Among five antibiotics, the selected strains were sensitive to chloramphenicol and tetracycline. Keywords- Amylase, Thermostable, Bacteria, Hot Spring Soil, Starch

Author - Thazin Win, Win Min Than, Myo Myint

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| Published on 2016-01-05
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