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Study On Decolorizing Activity Of Fungal Isolates From Textile Wastewater

The present investigation focused on the isolation of indigenous fungal strains which can efficiently decolorize the textile dye, Blue. A total of five fungal strains as P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5 were isolated from the effluent collected around the discharge site of the textile industry situated at Seik Kun village of Shwe Bo Township in Saging Division, Myanmar and their decolorizing activities were studied. Decolorization capabilities of these fungal strains were evaluated for commercial textile dye, blue (100ppm) and they were carried out in liquid culture under shaking conditions. Among five fungal strains, P2 and P5 strains showed higher percentages of decolorizing activity (92% and 93%) after five days of incubation. The isolated fungi were found efficient in decolorization and thus they could be used for their further analysis of the treatment of textile effluents. Index Terms- Effluent, fungal strains, decolorizing activities, shaking condition

Author - San San Oo, Weine Nway Nway Oo, Zaw Khaing Oo

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| Published on 2016-01-05
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