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Isolation And Study The Profile Of Polyphenol Oxidase From Myanmar Tea Leaf (Camellia Spp.)

Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) was extracted from Camellia spp. and analyzed the effect of pH, temperature and their stability. Among the analyzing of PVP using in PPO extraction, 0.1 % of added PVP amount had the highest enzyme activity between 0.1 % and 0.5%. For the test of finding optimal pH for polyphenol oxidase crude enzyme, pH 7 was the best pH for PPO crude enzyme and PPO enzyme also had the highest stability in pH7. For polyphenol oxidase crude enzyme, catechol substrate showed the highest enzyme activity than other kinds of substrates, Gallic acid and hydroquinone that using as substrate in the analysis of PPO. During the analysis of optimal temperature for PPO, the enzyme activity of PPO between 40 ˚C - 60˚C were not much different but the temperature was higher than 60˚C, the enzyme activity was decrease dramatically. In the test of thermal stability for polyphenol oxidase enzyme between 40˚C to 100˚C during 5 to 60 minutes, 40˚C to 60˚C under 20 minutes had similar enzyme activity but the enzyme activity was drop after the 20 minutes and longer time. When the temperature was higher 70˚C to 100˚C, the enzyme activity was decrease and decrease even in 5 minutes. Index Terms- Polyphenol oxidase enzyme (PPO), Substrate, pH, Temperature

Author - Pyie Phyo Maung, Bo Bo, Aung Ko Ko Oo, Kyaw Nyein Aye

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| Published on 2016-01-05
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