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INVITRO Antioxidant Activity Of Marine Cyanobacteria Oscilllatoria SPP And Separation Of Bioactivecomponents

Scientists are still exploring the organisms of tropical rain forest for potentially valuable medicinal products. One such novel natural resource is the bioactive metabolites found in the micro organisms such as micro algae or cyanobacteria. The microalgae regarded as the cyanobacteria makes them useful as antibiotics because of the presence of antagonistic compounds . The cyanobacteria called Oscillatoria Spp. namely Oscillatoria salina posses these antagonistic nature due to the presence of the secondary metabolites they produce. In this study the Oscillatoria spp were isolated from Chennai coast and the nature were studied. The mass cultivation of these cyanobacteria were done and crude extract was obtained by extraction methods. Three species of cyanobacteria oscillatoria spp were obtained, namely oscillatoria salina ,oscillatoria boryana, oscillatoria laetrivirans. The antioxidant activity was performed. The results emerged proved the anti oxidant activity and maximum activity was shown in oscillatoria salina which was further subjected to Thin layer chromatography to find out the various bioactive components present. Keywords - Cyanobacteria, Bioactive Metabolites.

Author - Shalini Nair, Valentin Bhimba

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| Published on 2016-01-05
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