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Paper-Based Electrochemical Biosensor For Glucose Detection

In this work, an innovative, low cost and biodegradable paper-based electrochemical biosensor for the determination of glucose is reported. The novel biosensor was fabricated by immobilizing glucose oxidase(GOx) on screen printed carbon electrodes. The electrochemical behavior of the biosensor was studied using cyclic voltammetry(CV), showing that the developed biosensor possessed high heterogeneous electron transfer rate constant(1.72×10- 3).Thebiosensorexhibited good amperometric responsestoward glucose, with a wide linear range up to 10 mM with R2is 0.98 and the sensitivity is 0.68μA mM−1. The parallel measurements of 5mM glucose by eight different sensors had a low relative standard deviation of 5.56%, suggesting its good reproducibility. In the interference studies, there wasno significant difference after addition ofascorbic acid or uric acid. It retained 94.6% of its initialresponse after a storage period of ten days in 4°C, indicating that thispaper-based electrochemical biosensor had good stability. Keywords - Paper-Based Electrochemical Biosensor, Screen Printed Carbon Electrode, Glucose Oxidase, Glucose.

Author - Chang Bing Tao, Ching-Shu Yen, Shu-Ying Chen, Shwu-Jen Chang, Jen-Tsai Liu, Ching-Jung Chen

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| Published on 2016-01-05
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