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Leaf Analysis For Precision Agriculture

This paper present study of Contour extraction and Otsu’s Segmentation method for measuring plant leaf area for Precision Agriculture. The Contour extraction and Otsu’s Segmentation method have been studied and compared. In contour extraction method acquired leaf image is converted in gray scale image. Then, from grayscale image noise is removed and DWT is applied. The low frequency region is taken for contour extraction. Afterward, region filling is done. Finally, leaf area was measured. In Otsu’s Segmentation method color leaf is acquired and converted in gray scale image. Noise from grayscale image is removed. Afterwards, Otsu’s Segmentation is done and leaf area is calculated. Two parameters PSNR and Correlation coefficient are obtained. This method are tested with universal database of leaf images. Keywords - Plant leaf, Pre-processing, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Contour extraction, region filling, Area calculation and Parameter analysis.

Author - Nikita Kishor Agrawal, P. J. Deore

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| Published on 2015-10-10
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