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Design And Implementation Of Speed Control Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Technique

This paper is about a Design and Implementation of Speed Control motor using Fuzzy Logic technique. In our modern life today, we are using many complex equipments such as, mobile phones, i-pods, laptops and computers. The complexity of these instruments is difficult to understand. The Aim of fuzzy logic is to understand complexity more easily. Moreover, if we want precision in measurements then the cost increases. Fuzzy logic technique is useful in reducing the cost without loss of precision. In decision making, the probabilities of the outcome is unknown and decision is made under conditions of uncertainty. Fuzzy logic technique is more effective as compared to the conventional methods of decision making. In this research work the fuzzy logic technique has been explained with reference to the real world problems. The problem of speed control motor for Fuzzy logic is solved using the MATLAB programming software. The Fuzzy Logic methods are used for solving the speed control motor problems are Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Relation, membership function, Cartesian product, alpha cut, λ-cut etc. Two variables related to this problem are speed(in rpm) and load (torque). The following membership functions for motor were developed from a hypothetical components catalog. This paper is totally based on software implementation of MATLAB. KEYWORDS: Membership function, fuzzy set, speed control motor, decision making, Uncertainty.

Author - K. Y. Rokde, S. Ghatole, A. G. Kshirsagar, N. D. Meshram, S. S. Shende

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| Published on 2015-06-20
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