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Icp-Aes As The Technique For Heavy Metal Analysis In Nigella Sativa And Piper Nigrum

-The use of Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICPAES ) technique in combination of charge coupled detector and acid digestion sample preparation helps in determining heavy metal concentration in two spices, Nigella sativa and Piper nigrum seeds, both useful as flavoring agent and in indigenous medicine. Total nine elements were determined in both spices. In both spices, among the essential elements Fe showed highest concentration whereas Hg was found to be in negligible amount. In N. sativa seeds, Ni concentration was found to be highest (107.40 ppm) followed by Pb(24.08ppm )andCr(8.00ppm),whereas in P.nigrum seeds, zinc showed highest concentration(38.85ppm)followed by Cu(23.96ppm).Result of present work provide important data regarding availability of essential elements useful for providing dietary information.Determination of heavy metal is important parameter from public health point of view. Key word- Nigella sativa, Piper nigrum, ICPAES, Autoclave

Author - P.G.Bhishnurkar,, S.S.Deo, F.Inam

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| Published on 2015-06-20
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