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Egg Traits Uniformity Comparison Between Kurdish Local Chicken and Two Commercial Strain using Coefficient of Variation

The eggs were collected between February 2018 until June 2018, and their characteristics were done in the laboratories of the animal production department in the directorate of agricultural research in Sulaimani province. Collected eggs from each of ROSS 308, ISA brown, Localblack, Local black with brown neck, and White non-feathering shank were 150, 65, 26, 39 and 52 respectively. Egg weight, length and breadth,andthe internal egg traits including yolk, albumin and shell weights, and their ratiosto the whole egg weight, as well the egg shape index were measured. Means, standard errors, and coefficients of variation of studied traits were calculated using the descriptive statistic of SPSS /PASW. One-way analysis of variance was used to test the effect of genetic line on the traits and the differences between the means of genetic lines for each trait were tested.The results indicate a significant effect of genetic lines on all studied traits with a superiority of white non-feathering shank in both internal and external traits including egg weight (59.96 g), yolk weight (20.71 g), shell weight (6.33 g), egg length (59.55 mm), egg breadth (43.64 mm), and the ratio of yolk weight to the egg weight (34.55). While the highest albumin weight (34.69 g), shape index (77.74%), and the ratio of albumin weight to the egg weight (61.49 %) were noticed in ROSS, and the higher eggshell thickness (0.42 mm), and the ratio of egg shell weight to the egg weight (10.80 %) were noticed in Isa brown.Most of the coefficients of variation were less than 10 %, which indicate that these traits are near to the uniformity. It can be concluded that the three genetic lines of Kurdish local chicken differ significantly in most of the egg traits, as well most of the traits have coefficient of variation less than 10% which mean it was selected for many years for egg production. Keywords - Local Chicken, Uniformity, Egg, Coefficient of Variation

Author - Ahmed Sami Shaker, Nidhal Abdulghani Mustafa, Questan Ali Ameen, Hani Nasser Hermiz, Mardin Abdullah Saadullah, Aveen Ahmed Ramadan, Shangaberry Rawf Aziz

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| Published on 2020-01-10
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